Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charger Fans who do u want in the 2010 draft

i love LT but its clear that his best days are behind him, i say since we lost trade up to get c.j. spiller out of clemson lets have LT train him up,resign darren sproles, get rid of merriman, sign brandon spikes from florida or Daryl Washington from tcu, both excellent pass rushers, then we need to find a DE so i say go ricky sapp clemson, hes a hybrid freek of nature, as far as nt goes we got og and vaughn martin to be trained by jamal williams, but if we need to draft one i say Kade Weston georgia, we need OL as well so i say draft charles scott tennesee, all would help alot

1stRd-C.J. Spiller from clemson since we got knocked out the divisional playoffs we should be able to draft up and snag him, hes great at hittin the holes explodeing,blazeing speed and if trained by LT he will be a great running back,it clear we need one so i say lets take him and get our ground game better

2nd rd- Daryl Washington from tcu hes a freak of nature fast strong and just a bull rusher who can drop into coverage,since merriman is havin off filed problems battlein knee and foot injuries and is gonna be demanding to much money i say let him walk, and pick of another pass rusher and keep our wheels turning,

3rd Rd- Ricky Sapp De clemson, this dude is a freak of nature fast strong good technique and is not afraid to battle even the best OL,he flows to the ball like a fish through the water sheedin blockers and gettin to the ball,

4th Rd- Jacoby Ford WR Clemson this guy is a excellent receiver he often does get gator arms but he has dynamic speed,good hands they could be better,and if we have sproles, get spiller and get jacoby ford our special teams will be unstoppable,speed power and elusiveness helps us get field position we need

5th Rd-Jordan shipley wide receiver texas, possiblely the next wes welker i think if we graduely slide him into packages giving the defences somethin new to look at will help move the chains and keep our high octane offence goin


7th-Ahmad black SS florida, Great ball vision plans man sometimes but plays the ball alot,will lay the big hit down,but doesnt like havein to play by hisself like a cover 2 package, but if trained he could be great,and help out kevin ellison alot